Protecting You & Your Family

When arranging a mortgage it is a goo time to take a good look at the insurance at the same time. An important part of the role of an advisor is to make sure that in the worst case scenario, the client is protected.

Insuring yourself and your family against death, serious illness, and injury is an importance thing to consider. Protecting your mortgage balance, insuring your income is of equal importance. How long do you think you and your family would last on statutory sick pay? These are the kind of questions we don’t like to think about. 

Here are some of the insurance areas where we can offer our clients:

Personal Protection

  • Decreasing mortgage protection
  • Level term assurance 
  • Family income benefit
  • Income protection
Business Protection
  • Business loan protection
  • Keyman cover
  • Relevant life cover
  • Shareholder protection

If you have any of the following our specialist insurers may still be able to help you get the cover you need

  • Diabetes – Type 1 & 2
  • High blood pressure 
  • High BMI
  • Heart attack before the age of 40
  • If you already have policies in place, we can review them to ensure they are appropriate. 
  • If you’d like to discuss your options Get In Touch.